Centre d’expertise pour la recherche en immuno-transplantation et en oncologie
Enseignement et formation

Le partage du savoir et des connaissances :

La formation des futurs chercheurs et cliniciens fait partie intégrante des missions du DHU Oncogreffe. L’enjeu est de renforcer le dialogue entre la cancérologie, l’imagerie et l’immunologie et de créer une culture commune entre chercheurs, enseignants, cliniciens et soignants favorisant le décloisonnement des savoirs et des pratiques au service du malade.

Le programme d’enseignement du DHU Oncogreffe est coordonné par le comité pédagogique constitué de scientifiques, pharmaciens et médecins pour assurer le maillage entre les différents cursus. Il intègre une réflexion à chaque étape de ces parcours en concertation avec les propositions de formation des programmes Investissements d’Avenir Nantais. Ainsi, le DHU favorise l’enseignement scientifique et médical dans des formations courtes professionnalisantes (formation initiale ou continue) en lien avec les programmes des LabEx IGO et IRON, de l’EquipEx ArronaxPlus et de l’IHU CESTI avec le soutien de la région des Pays de la Loire :
– filière de formation en immunologie translationnelle (dans le cadre du LabEX IGO)
– école de chirurgie de transplantation (IHU CESTI)
– école d’été internationales (LabEx IGO)
-préparation de radiopharmaceutiques (LabEx IRON)…


Congrès scientifiques soutenus par le DHU Oncogreffe en :


Eagen postgraduate course EAGEN course
This year, the EAGEN postgraduate course was dedicated to “Gastric cancer: From bench to bedside (June 15th to 17th). Located in Nantes, with more 80 registrations, it offered a great opportunity to share the newest knowledge and experience in this severe pathology, including both its fundamental and clinical aspects, with the european opinion leaders dealing with gastric cancer, through highly interactive and stimulating sessions.

 FOCIS Advanced Course in Immunology
With the help of the DHU’s generous financial support we are proud to announce that the 1st European FOCIS Advanced Course in Immunology was a success.The course took place at the Institute Pasteur in Paris from October 17th to 19th with the full maximum capacity of 120 registrations. Almost half of the participants were from France, whilst the others came from 12 other European countries as well as the USA, Chile and Qatar. Our speakers were also from diverse international origins: USA, France, Italy, Germany, UK and Chile; the course was truly an international event.


21st Nantes Actualités Transplantation (NAT) conference
When Stem Cells Meet Immunology” has been the topic of the 21st annual “Nantes Actualités en Transplantation” (NAT) meeting (June 9-10, 2016, Nantes, France). This meeting brought together pioneers and leading experts in the fields of stem cells, biomaterials and immunoregulation. Presentations covered multipotent (mesenchymal and hematopoietic) and pluripotent (embryonic and induced) stem cells (PSC) for regenerative medicine of incurable diseases (liver, retina and inflammatory diseases, cancer), immunotherapy and blood transfusions. . Read the programme


2nd Summer School LabEX IGO
The second IGO SUMMER MEETING has been organized in Nantes,  from 21st to 22nd April  2016 .This meeting is designed for students, clinicians, research associates and basic science investigators. Topics have included new aspects and new trends of immunotherapy in organ transplantation and cancer. Oral and poster presentation sessions have provided great opportunity for in-depth discussions between clinicians and researchers.


3rd Nuclear Technologies for Health Symposium
The Nuclear Technologies for Health Symposium (NTHS) is organized by the IRON LabEX (Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals for Oncology and Neurology Laboratory of Excellence). The third edition took place on March 10-11, 2015 at the CCI Nantes St Nazaire. This meeting reinforce the dialogue between physicians, scientists and technologists to advance nuclear medicine and promote transdisciplinary cooperation. This year’s sessions were focus on : (i) Innovative tracers in neurology : from bench to benside, (ii) Multimodality imaging, (iii) Theranostics in nuclear medicine, (iv)Targeted radionuclide therapy. Read the programme


20th Nantes Actualités Transplantation (NAT) conference
The theme of the NAT2015 congress was “infectious diseases in transplantation” and more widely in the immuno-depressed subject. This year, nine invited speakers out of the sixteen came from foreign countries including the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain and Chile highlighting the international character of the congress.



19th Nantes Actualités Transplantation (NAT) conference
The 19th Nantes Actualités Transplantation (NAT) conference is organised by the Immunology and Transplantation Research Centre (UMR1064-ITUN). The event took place on 5 and 6 June 2014 at the Nantes Cité des Congrès and the theme was “Transplantation and autoimmunity: the meeting of ways.” . These 2 days were held to present the most advanced transplantation techniques and included speeches by internationally known speakers. Read the programme


1st Summer School LabEX IGO
We are pleased to inform you that 1st IGO SUMMER MEETING is organized in Nantes, France, from 3rd to 4th July 2014. This meeting is designed for students, clinicians, research associates and basic science investigators. Topics to be covered include new aspects and new trends of immunotherapy in organ transplantation and cancer. Oral and poster presentation sessions will provide great opportunity for in-depth discussions between clinicians and researchers. Read the programme


Cell Death in Cancer
The aim of this 2nd International Conference is to bring together clinicians and scientists who work on cell death and cancer in the hope of initiating fruitful discussions and successful collaborations. La Baule, du 14 au 17 mai 2014. Read the programme

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