Centre d’expertise pour la recherche en immuno-transplantation et en oncologie


“Immunotherapies in transplantation and cancer” is the 22nd edition and 2nd joint Labex IGO meeting of the “Nantes Actualités Transplantation” (NAT) annual event and will be held at the “Cité des Congrès” in Nantes (France) on June 1-2, 2017.

This 22nd NAT meeting offers a unique opportunity to bring together the pioneers and leading immunologists in the fields of transplantation and cancer.

This edition will focus on the mechanisms that control immune responses in organ or bone marrow transplantation and in cancer. These mechanisms usually involve the same molecules or cells but have opposite effects in transplantation and in cancer. A given molecule that inhibits immune responses needs to be increased in transplantation to favor immune tolerance and better graft outcome whereas it needs to be inhibited or neutralized in the cancer setting to favor cancer elimination.

This Yin-Yang of immune responses is the basic of the Labex ImmunoGraftOncology (IGO) network of laboratories in the west of France.

The meeting is co-organized by the Nantes Transplantation Center and by the Labex IGO. All information available on : http://www.nat.nantes.inserm.fr/index.php/en/

This meeting is organized in 4 sessions.

  • Session 1: Tumor and graft microenvironment
  • Session 2: Immune chekpoints
  • Session 3: Macrophages and dendritic cells
  • Session 4: T cell therapy

The 22nd NAT meeting will take place on June 1-2, 2017.

Co-Chairmans : Ignacio ANEGON & Nathalie LABARRIERE


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