Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation
Associated structures

Our three areas of research are backed by close connections with :




  • UP AMaROC “Animal Cancers Models for Research in Compared Oncology”
  • CRIP platform (Oniris Centre for Research and Investigation) : The CRIP imaging platform develops imaging in small and large animals (PET-CT, SPECT-CT, IRM, microTEP-CT) and molecular radionuclide therapy with shielding rooms for animals.



UMR 1089 is a Nantes University Hospital Functional Unit set up in 1996. Its role is to promote translational research in gene therapy in the field of rare diseases. Our group of approximately sixty people provides evidence of the therapeutic concept, develops production processes and characterisation of viral vectors that transfer genes under the constraints of the Best Manufacturing Practices and performs Phase I/II clinical trials. UMR INSERM 1089 is associated to the CESTI IHU. Integrating clinicians into our research guarantees our ability to promote these developments in clinical biotherapy.




Linking the nuclear medicine department skills to those of the Subatech physical and radiochemistry team has led to the installation of the cyclotron ARRONAX, a unique tool in the world to produce innovative radionuclides.

Subatech is composed of 3 teams:

  • Subatech radiochemistry group (G. Montavon) : development of innovative radiolabeling methods with innovative radionuclides produced by ARRONAX
  • Subatech PRISMA team (V. Metivier, F Haddad) : collaboration with ARRONAX to produce innovative radionuclides
  • Subatech XENON team (D. Thers, Subatech): development of a micro-PET compton camera using a high resolution xenon liquid system.



EFS Pays de la Loire

  • the HLA laboratory accredited by the European Foundation for Immunobiology (EFI) since 1995 (A. Cesbron)
  • the research team on Kir-HLA polymorphisms (Dr Rétière and Gagne) within the Equipe d’Accueil 4271
  • the cellular engineering unit (JACIE accredited) (S. Derenne).



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