Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation

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DHU Oncogreffe governance

Scientific directorate

The DHU Oncogreffe is coordinated by Philippe Moreau with the scientific directorate composed of members representative of each component of the care and research structures linked to the DHU :

  • Philippe Moreau, project coordinator, head of the clinical haematology department-Nantes University Hospital, Professor of University-Hospital Practitioner (PU-HP)
  • Gilles Blancho, DHU director of clinical research and transfer, head of the IHU CESTI, director of the Institute of Transplantation–Urology-Nephrology (ITUN), PU-HP
  • Nathalie Labarrière, co manager of LabEX IGO, Inserm U1232, Research Director INSERM
  • Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré, head of the nuclear medicine department-Nantes University Hospital, manager of LabEX IRON, PU-HP
  • Caroline Bodet Millin, nuclear medicine department, University lecturer-Hospital practitioner
  • Tamara Matysiak, manager of the digestive cancerology unit-Nantes University Hospital, PU-HP
  • Ignacio Anegon, , manager of LabEX IGO, UMR 1064 (ITUN), Research Director Inserm
  • Bernard Vanhove, manager of DHU’s Valorisation, CEO of OSE Immunotherapeutics , UMR 1064 (ITUN),  Research Director CNRS
  • Stéphane Minvielle, Inserm U1232, Research Director CNRS
  • Martine Amiot, Inserm U1232, Research Director CNRS
  • Régis Josien, director of DHU integrated teaching, Director of the Center of Research in Transplantation & Immunology- Inserm UMR 1064, head of the clinical immunology laboratory department – Nantes University Hospital, PU-HP
  • Alain Faivre-Chauvet, DHU co-director of integrated teaching, pedagogical manager LabEX IRON, PU-PH
  • Brigitte Dréno, head of the dermatology department- Nantes University Hospital, vice-dean in charge of research, PU-HP
  • Steven Le Gouill,president of the Clinical research and Innovation Delegation-Nantes University Hospital, PU-HP
  • Sophie Brouard, UMR 1064 (ITUN), Research Director CNRS

The board of governance and management

The board is composed of 8 members, representing the founding DHU project establishments : Nantes University hospital, Nantes University, Inserm and representatives of the scientific directorate.


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