Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation
Clinical activities

Transplantation and cancerology clinical services :

Transplant immunology

The Institute of Transplantation-Urology-Nephrology (ITUN) brings together the nephrology, clinical immunology and urology clinical departments. Its transplantation work is among the best in Europe, with more than 4,600 kidney transplants performed and approximately 170 transplants annually, including from living donors, transplants from non- heart beating donors and incompatible ABO transplants. Bringing together all those involved in care, research and teaching in a single thematic area, the ITUN also includes the “Centre for Transplantation and Immunology Research” UMR 1064 Inserm…
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  • Clinical research in transplant immunology
    Clinical research work is organised around our DIVAT tools (epidemiological data in transplantation), DIVAT Biocollection and the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) Biotherapy (immunology branch of transplantation). More than 80 protocols were conducted in 2011-12. This research is completed by participation in a thematic research and care network, “Réseau Thématique de Recherche et de Soins” (RTRS) CENTAURE regrouping the kidney transplantation departments of Necker Hospital and those of Lyon’s civil hospices.


Clinical haematology

Specialised in diagnosis and treatment of malignant hemopathies, the Clinical Haematology department provides recourse activities in intensive treatment for haematological malignancies in 3 provinces in western France (Loire-Atlantique, Vendée, Morbihan), while organising a care network for which it is the driving force.
250 transplants are performed every year (100 allogeneic and 150 autologous stem cell transplantations), and it was awarded Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT-EBMT (JACIE). The department is working in close cooperation with the Unité Mixte de Génomique du Cancer and the centre for cancerology research UMR892 (CRCNA). It organises and runs annual meetings with patients’ associations for myeloma, lymphoma, myelodysplasia and myeloproliferative syndrome sufferers.
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  • Clinical research in oncohematolgy
    The hematology clinical research unit (URC) has been awarded the INCa Label Clip2 (Certified early investigation centre) dedicated to early phase trials. It conducts the largest share of clinical research in the University Hospital with more 60 clinical research protocols in phases 1, 2 or 3 open for inclusions and has attained international visibility in the fields of myeloma, lymphoma and allogeneic transplantations.


The Dermato-Cancerology department provides therapeutic handling of skin cancer, especially melanoma, cutaneous lymphoma and cutaneous carcinoma. It provides recourse services in cutaneous cancer treatments across 3 provinces in western France (Loire-Atlantique, Vendée, Morbihan), while organising a care network for the entire West of France region via the networks Réseau Mélanome Ouest, offering cutaneous training and E Learning events. 4,500 patients are treated for cutaneous cancers by the oncology unit ever year, with 400 new cutaneous melanomas.
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  • Clinical research in oncodermatology
    Its work is based on an INSERM group (E2-U892 and E3-U892) and on a clinical research group representing the “cutaneous biotherapy module” of the CRC Biotherapy INSERM 0503. The latter includes a clinical research network in the West of France region, called “Biorderm”. At the national level, it is also the coordinator of the INCA’s national network “French Multidisciplinary Group on Cutaneous Melanoma” (GMFMel). With excellent international visibility it ensures the coordination of the adoptive immunotherapy branch of the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium.

Digestive oncology

Specialising in the treatment of patients with digestive tumours (oesophagus, stomach, colon, pancreas and liver), the IMAD digestive cancerology unit is recognised as expert in the field of rare digestive tumours such as digestive lymphomas (gastric MALT lymphomas) and digestive and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours. The constantly growing activity is developed on the basis of :
-Prevention : participation and organisation of prevention programmes (organised CRC screening, early screening of precancerous lesions – œsophagus, stomach, colon), organisation of follow-up for patients at risk, collaboration with the Loire Atlantique and Vendée cancer register, and development of a therapeutic education programme for patients with precancerous lesions and digestive cancers, as well as the development of therapeutic education programmes
-Diagnosis : development of innovative screening tools, with academic and industrial partners, collaboration with biochemistry and anatomopathology laboratories in collaborative projects
-Treatments : Development of new minimally-invasive techniques (robot-assisted endoscopy and surgery), introduction of targeted therapies according to the tumour’s genetic and epigenetic status (targeted radiotherapy in bile duct cancers, targeted marked isotopes for tumours by immunolabelling,… ).. .More information

Nuclear oncology

The nuclear oncology departement performs more than 15.000 scintigraphies per year, as well as 4.000 PET and more than 300 radionuclide therapies in association with Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (ICO)…More information

  • Clinical research on nuclear oncology
    The nuclear medicine department, which is associated to CRCNA team 13, and is internationally recognised in the field of nuclear oncology, conducts tumour immunotargeting, radioimmunotherapy (RIT) and alpha-immunotherapy. Linking its skills to those of the Subatech physical and radiochemistry team has led to the installation of a cyclotron ARRONAX , outil unique au monde par ses caractéristiques physiques et sa mission de recherche en médecine. a unique tool in the world thanks to its physical characteristics and its medical research mission. Equipex ArronaxPlus and LabEx IRON programs, labelled programs under the Investemnts for the future are emblematic of the excellence promoted by the research network of the department.


Clinical trials

The Nantes University Hospital is continually conducting clinical trials to improve care for cancer and transplantation. You can download here ongoing clinical trials in :

  • Clinical haematology
  • Digestive oncology
  • Dermato cancerology
  • Nuclear oncology
  • Transplant immunology

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