Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation

Developed from the recommendations of the Marescaux commission to strengthen research drive in University Hospitals (CHU) and promote innovation transfer, the University Hospital Departments are new organisations which combine a critical mass of researchers and physicians working on a specific research theme.

DHUs fulfil a triple mission of TREATMENT, RESEARCH and TEACHING by combining scientific and medical expertise in a decompartmentalisation logic promoting faster transfer of biomedical discoveries to application in health care.
Networking the skills of the multidisciplinary teams with complementary skills, based on a science-medicine alliance model, also helps excellence teams to obtain greater visibility on an international scale.

Unlike University Hospital Institutes (IHU), named within the context of Future investments, DHUs are not autonomous legal entities and their operations are governed by partnership agreements signed between the founding establishments.

Two university hospital departments at Nantes

In June 2012, Nantes CHU, Nantes and Aviesan University jointly launched a call for DHU labelled projects at Nantes.

At the end of a selection process involving an international jury, two projects were selected in December 2012 : the DHU ONCOGREFFE and the DHU 2020. The latter coordinated by Pr Antoine Magnan concerns issues involving personalised medicine for chronic diseases..


Download the leaflet presenting the two Nantes University Hospital Departments 

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