Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation
Missions & Objectives

3 complementary and interdependent missions

By capitalising on the multidisciplinarity of their skills, the DHU teams have combined their efforts to meet an absolute priority : accelerate research for new therapeutic solutions as far as the transplant patient’s bedside and in oncology (gastro-oncology, dermato-oncology, onco-haematology and nuclear oncology).

Founded on a real model of a continuum between research and treatment, the DHU Oncogreffe’s action strategy is based on three main themes:


  • Develop more efficient research into immunotransplantation, medical oncology and nuclear medicine, by sharing expertise and combining resources
  • Develop integrated research programmes closer to patients, diagnosis and treatment, so that patients will benefit faster from the laboratory’s latest innovations
  • Optimise complementarity and facilitate the development of applied transdisciplinary projects based on the DHU’s 3 strategic research themes


  • Improve the treatment available to patients via recourse activity and treatment protocols
  • Accelerate the transfer to clinical application of these latest developments from the DHU’s academic laboratories (molecular diagnostics tools, new combined treatments and targeted therapies, molecular radiotherapy…)
  • Strengthen the clinical research carried out by the DHU clinical teams
  • Improve the treatment offer in imaging, oncology and immunology and develop personalised medicine in immunotransplantation and cancerology


  • Create a common professional culture between researchers, university staff, clinicians and care-givers by reinforcing their training in our disciplines: cancerology, immunology and imaging.

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