Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation

“Combine our forces to develop cancer treatment and progress in immunotransplantation”

At Nantes University Hospital, the DHU Oncogreffe department combines the know-how of medical and scientific experts to overcoming disciplinary boundaries. It groups the following:

  • 5 treatment and clinical research teams at the CHU in cancerology and kidney transplantation
  • 5 research teams from Inserm U1064 et 7 research teams from the CRCINA
  • 26 technological platforms in fundamental, translational and clinical research

Our ambition :

To become a reference centre for transplantation and cancerology research

The DHU Oncogreffe works on the development of original and innovative themes, by encouraging discussions and interaction between teams with complementary expertise.

By combining a high potential of researchers, clinicians and teachers, the synergy between the transplantation and oncology teams will enable us to:

  • Increase innovations in the fields of immunotransplantation, nuclear medicine and cancerology, centred on haematology, oncodermatology and gastroenterology
  • Accelerate the drive to transfer scientific innovations for clinical application to benefit patients and medical progress
  • Offer original teaching for students, including researcher-clinician discussions
  • Promote their enhancement through public-private sector partnerships


Oncogreffe key figures :

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