Centre of expertise for research in immuno-oncology and transplantation


In December 2012, more than 120 physicians, university staff and researchers met to create the “Oncogreffe” University Hospital Department dedicated to increasing medical research into immunotransplantation and oncology. This original association is based on the fact that Nantes is host to three high-level research centres in immunology, cancerology and nuclear medicine. A structure which is a real multidisciplinary alliance, Oncogreffe combines the scientific expertise of two research units (UMR 1064 and UMR 1232-CNRS ER) ) and the medical expertise of five departments at Nantes University Hospital. Oncogreffe meets challenges in biomedical research and transplantation, as well as cancerology, developing 3 research programmes with strong synergies: tumoral escape, transplant loss and immunobiology of innovative radionuclides. In partnership with many players, both institutional and industrial, Oncogreffe has a single ambition: to promote therapeutic innovation to help patients.

Our research programmes

Tumor Immunotargeting of innovative radionuclides
Develop new radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat oncological diseases, their production and clinical application...
Tumoral escape
Characterise tumoral resistance mechanisms and identify new therapeutic targets using markers which predict and provide a prognosis of the tumoral response.
Graft loss and immune tolerance in transplantation
Analyse the mechanisms of acute and chronic rejection in organ transplants and in regenerative medicine...
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  • The DHU Oncogreffe participates to the Master 2 BBRT scientific seminar scheduled for October 25th to 27th

    16 October 2017

    For the third consecutive year, the DHU Oncogreffe participates with the LABEX IGO in the BBRT Master II science Days for students working in laboratories of universities of Nantes, Rennes and …

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  • Seminar “Precision medicine in oncology: how NGS and bioinformatics can improve care for cancer patients ?”, March 24

    15 March 2017

    The Nantes Digital Sciences Laboratory (LS2N, UMR6004)is pleased to invite Marc Deloger (bioinformatics platforms, Institut Curie, Paris) for the seminar :“Precision medicine in oncology: how NGS and bioinformatics can improve care for cancer patients ?” which …

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